Full Flavoured Native Cigarettes: A Quick Guide for a Newbie

Have you recently started smoking native cigarettes? If yes, you know how different it is from ordinary cigarettes. These cigarettes contain not just the highest grade of tobacco leaves but come in king size for all brands. No wonder the rise of Canadian cigarettes online is rapidly booming!

Well, even in native cigarettes, there’s a different category- Canadian full-flavoured cigarettes, which are different from regular native cigarettes. If you wish to try, you better have a clear idea of these flavoured cigarettes.

What Are Canadian Full Flavour Cigarettes?

Recent research shows that regular smokers who buy native cigarettes online in Canada search for mostly flavoured cigarettes, popular as full-strength cigarettes, to feel a stronger smoking sensation and intense tobacco taste. They are different from other regular cigarettes. Here’s how:

Light and ultra-light native cigarettes come with a lower level of nicotine and tar compared to full-strength Canadian cigarettes. Many smokers buy these native cigarettes online to control their nicotine intake and cut potential health risks. 

On the other hand, some prefer menthol native cigarettes to feel a cooling sensation to hit in the throat. It’s available in full-flavoured types as well. If you love such cooling effects and minty taste, try this.

Full-flavoured native cigarettes are totally different from all these. It contains higher amounts of tobacco leaves and other additives compared to light, ultra-light and menthol native cigarettes. Yet, you will have a robust smoking experience with an intense flavour that will directly hit your throat. 

What Are the Best Native Cigarette Brands in Canada for Full Flavoured?

In Canada, there are just a few to mention when it comes to top full-flavoured native cigarette brands. Here are the latest cigarette brands gaining popularity among smokers who prefer full-flavoured Canadian cigarettes online:

BB Full Flavour

This notable native cigarette brand offers king-size cigarettes with authentic and bold flavours with intense tobacco taste. BB full-flavoured cigarettes are made of the highest grade of tobacco leaves, hitting a smooth and tasty flavour to the throat. 

Canadian Full Flavour

This ‘Red’ variant of Canadian Classics contains full-flavoured cigarettes that almost every smoker has appreciated so far for their strong tobacco taste and intense flavour with a rich smoking experience. 

Nexus Full Flavour

Do you love the robust and bold smoking sensation when it hits your throat? If yes, you should definitely try Nexus full flavour. It’s another notable native cigarette brand with full-flavoured alternatives. Its intense tobacco flavour and higher nicotine content offer a unique smoking experience. 

Why Buy Full-flavoured Native Cigarettes?

Every smoker has his or her own reason to choose full-flavoured cigarettes regardless of the brands. And, here are the most common ones we have found:

Highest quality

Full-flavoured native cigarettes contain the highest standard of tobacco leaves, making those better than regular cigarette options- very smooth, organic and tasty!

Robust and rich tobacco tastes

Full-flavoured native cigarettes are popular for their intense and rich tobacco taste with bold flavours that directly hit the throat. It’s best for those who prefer smooth intense tastes over milder ones. 

Higher nicotine dependence

Full-flavoured native cigarettes are best for those who have built a higher level of nicotine consumption over time. After all, light or ultra-light cigarettes cannot satisfy their cravings for smoking. Moreover, these offer a more satisfying and smoother smoking experience!

How Much Do Native Cigarettes Cost?

Well, full-flavoured native cigarettes prices can vary depending on the brands and flavours you choose and their quality. When buying native cigarettes online, compare different sites and check the prices for flavoured cigarettes before ordering in bulk.  

Where to Buy Native Cigarettes Toronto

While looking for native cigarettes nearby, whether full-flavoured or milder ones, is the best place to shop for. All our native cigarettes are made with care maintaining AAA quality and using the highest grades of tobacco leaves. It’s tasty, organic, and amazingly smooth to taste, with no chemicals at all!

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