4 Top Reasons Native Smokes Are Discounted Online in Canada

Have you ever asked yourself why Canadian cigarette prices online are lower than others in Canada? We guess, NO! But, if you are a regular smoker, you may prefer buying cigarettes at a discount, right? 

Well, there’s not just one but more reasons. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the reasons behind these lower and discounted prices of Native smokes in Canada. Let’s get started. 

Canadian cigarettes online

Why Are Native Smokes in Canada Sold on Discount Online?

Canada has an expansive landscape and a small population. Still, its tobacco industry thrives surprisingly as a commercial commodity, where you can get unexpected discounts on native smokes or Canadian cigarettes, especially when buying online. If you wonder why, the answer lies in the following reasons that are influencing the cigarette price in Canada. Such as:

Historical Significance

In Canada, tobacco and native cigarettes have a historical background in tradition and commerce. First, indigenous communities started using tobacco for their ceremonies that held spiritual significance because it was believed as an offering in sacred rituals or a medium of communicating with the spiritual realm. And, due to the deep roots of tobacco in this region, it has integrated into the global market and the tobacco industry is valued now around billions of Canadian dollars. Overall, these keep the costs of Canadian cigarettes low or make the sales on discounts.

Branding and Promotions

With the advancement of technology, promoting brands has become simpler, which the tobacco industry is taking great advantage of. More and more cigarette promotions, including tempting slogans, captivating advertising campaigns, and bold colorful packaging, influence the allure of smoking in people, especially those who are interested in trying native cigarettes, mostly full flavor. And, as these brands are embodied as a lifestyle, smokers can’t resist their urge to smoke. Such brand promotions target specific audiences, promoting a sense that cigarettes don’t harm health. Instead, these are companions or marks of luxury and style. Above all, Canadian native cigarette brands offer discounts, making the probability of smoking more attractive and higher.

Bulk Purchases Benefiting Economy

Bulk purchases mean cost reduction for manufacturers and retailers, leading to lower prices or discounts offered to consumers. Now, you may wonder where the benefits lie. Well, manufacturing native smoke in larger quantities covers the initial expenses of the setup compared to producing a single one. Yet, retailers can hold onto bulk discounts, leading to more savings that are passed down to customers by offering discounts or keeping lower prices on cigarettes on online sales. 

And, in the big picture, this scenario is advantageous to smokers, especially those who are eager to try new cigarette brands or different flavors but price-conscious! Discounts make cigarettes economically pleasant-tasting to buy!

Overstock clearance

During the summer and winter sales, you will find the biggest seasonal discount periods on cigarettes in Canada. During these seasons, retailers announce special promotions and discounts for overstock clearance that happens due to unforeseen fluctuations in customer demand and errors in the industry. It allows smokers to buy cigarettes in bulk at reduced prices. 

In Conclusion

We hope you understand how the discounts on buying cigarettes work in Canada and depend on several factors, from the historical backdrop to branding and promotions to overstock clearances. And, if you are looking for native smokes online from top brands, including Canadian Full Flavour, Nexus Full Flavour, PlayFare, or BB Lights, browse our shop. At, we are offering organic and smooth cigarettes containing the highest grade tobacco leaves manufactured from the best native factory in Canada. Also, all our cigarettes come in king-size!

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