Penis Envy (14/28g)



Penis Envy can be described as a very spiritual strain. Penis Envy magic mushroom will transport you into your subconscious and back again, no matter what the reason. To have magic mushrooms show you something exceptional, you need to be open to them and their effects.
This means you must make certain preparations in order for a full experience. These preparations can be are best known as set and setting.

The setting is your mental state and the set is your physical environment while you are experiencing a spiritual miracle mushroom experience. Both the setting and the set must be aligned. You want the set to feel familiar, comfortable, safe, and welcoming.

As for the set, you’ll want to have people you are close with and can trust. The fewer people the better, as you want to steer away from distractions.

You will need to be as clear-headed as possible for the setting. It’s not easy, but it is worth taking a few days off work to clear your mind and get rid of all your responsibilities.

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